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Birmingham Airport Car Park 5 (formerly Long Stay 1) reviews

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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Birmingham Airport Car Park 5 (formerly Long Stay 1)

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"whilst I have no complaints about the car park itself, which I have used on many previous occaisions, the same cannot be said about the shuttle buses to and from the terminal.
Both on my inward journey and when returning, drivers ignored my requests to stop. Outward it was not too much of an inconvenience as I had the waiting room to stand in, but coming back with my Mother who is in her 70's, the driver closed the bus doors on me as I entered the bus stop, and drove off. It was cold and wet and we had at that stage been travelling for over 10 hours, and despite the apparent amusement of the driver concerned, we did not find it in the least funny.
I will be seriously considering using an off site car park in future, as the only advantage to using the on site parking is the supposedly easy and regular access to the car park."

December 7, 2009

"Not very satisfied with pick up from arrivals. Ticket stated car park 2, bus driver said there was no service to car park 2, but didn't explain that the ticket was ok to use for car park 1, which was apparently where the car was after all."

November 30, 2009

"Found the carpark easily when approaching the airport- Didnt have to wait around for a bus, especially at 4 oclock in the morning, unfortunately failed to note which row we parked the car even tho each row was clearly marked which was a bit of a nightmare on our return."

October 26, 2009

"I booked a 6-day stay at Birmingham Airport's Long Stay 1 car-park but, upon arrival, was re-directed to Short and Medium Stay 1 instead by a helpful steward who gave clear directions. This car-park turned out to be a short walk from the terminal, avoiding the need to catch a connecting bus service, and there was no additional fee required. Parking was simple as the bays were not too narrow, even though this was an indoor multi-story car-park and I was driving an estate car.
At no point was I concerned for the safety of my vehicle as the environment felt fairly secure. No car-park is completely invulnerable, but hey, who wants an aging Mondeo!

I give the Short and Medium Stay car-park 1 a score of 5/5 given the value for money, which may have been cheaper than normal given the last minute re-direction, and its close proximity to the airport terminal. As I did not use the car-park I originally booked I cannot comment on Long Stay 1.



September 29, 2009

"No complaints whatsoever. A first class service. The only oddity was I didn't have to give my reference number the barrier just opened. Now that's what I call service!"

September 2, 2009

"It went very easily and I was surprised to discover that I did not need to use the call button, as the gate opened automatically. Not sure if this was a mistake.
The only drawback was that the car ark was very full and it took me a while to find a space when I arrived. I will use this service again and we probably use the airport 2-3 times a year."

September 2, 2009

"The Car Park was easily accessible, easy to park and as I was running late only a short walk to the Terminal.
Exiting the carpark was also easy."

September 2, 2009

"Excellent, great direction, clean and secure carpark at reasonable cost, highly recommmended a pleasure to do business with."

September 1, 2009

"Staff very helpful.
I checked my car in for 4 days, only to find my flight had been rescheduled for 12 hours later.
I decided to go home and return later.
I had no problems at all, the desk arranged for the guy at the barrier to let me out.
The park and ride buses are every few minutes so getting out of the airport couldn't be easier"

September 1, 2009

"I was originally looking for short term parking but the web site showed that it was full. I was redirected to the Long Term Car parking. Having booked on line, when I turned up I was redirected into the Short Term Car Parking as there were problems with the car park. On departure from the Short Term Car Park the booking reference was not recognised by the attendant, although they recognised that I had booked with Essential Travel. I can only surmise that there was a lack of communication going on. But other than being redirected on arrival and then explain who the booking was made with on departure there were no problems."

August 28, 2009