Birmingham Ace Meet & Greet reviews

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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Birmingham Ace Meet & Greet

Lorenzo Gualano

By "meet and greet" we assumed we would be met and our car taken and parked for us, instead we had a 200 yard trek to and from the airport, in which case we may as well have just paid to park the car ourselves, as there really wasn't much benefit in them doing it for us. We paid to have our car valets and if course they had no change for the £26.95 charge. The seats had all been moved, which you can say they did that while Valentina but all of the controls had been messed with and they had even tuned in a different radio station! I didn't think I was paying them to have a play in my car, they certainly shouldn't be messing around with radio stations and controls, completely unnecessary. We shan't be using them again.
September 23, 2017

Z Jackson

Paid for "meet and greet", had to wait for the driver to get to us and then upon return waited again for 15 mins for the car to be returned so definitely not a meet and greet service, also my car was filthy both inside and outside my carpets and car mat was covered in mud, when I told the driver about this he said I should of paid for the valet service.
September 7, 2016