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Birmingham Meteor Valet Meet & Greet - Non Refundable reviews

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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Birmingham Meteor Valet Meet & Greet - Non Refundable

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"Very Good"

October 8, 2012

"Just as was explained, they were waiting by the big lamp post for me to drop off my car and were waiting for my arrival back before we got to the car park.

October 6, 2012

"My partner booked your meet & greet service, very
impressed. Unlike the other Meet&Greet who damaged
my A-5 did not answer any recorded letters, I would not leave a pushbike with them."

October 1, 2012

"This was my first time using Aardvark and I can honestly say that I would use them again. It got my holiday of to a great start as it was so much easier to just arrive at the airport, drop off the car and go. Everything went smoothly and no complaints. Very pleased with the service."

September 26, 2012

"Overall, the service what good and we got what we paid for. We have used other meet and greet companies in the past and feel that Aardvark were a bit slower at responding than others. We were advised to call 10 minutes before arrival at Birmingham to inform of our arrival. After waiting at Birmingham drop & go for 20 minutes, I had to call again to make sure they were on their way. They then took a further ten minutes to arrive.

After our holiday I called after clearing customs as advised. It again took them 20 minutes to get to us.

I was happy with the service but feel they could have been quicker. I could have paid the same price to stay in the long stay car park and would have got to and from the car park quicker myself."

September 25, 2012

"Excellent service . Very streamlined and convenient way to arrive and depart"

August 21, 2012

"Excellent service. Prompt and efficient. Would definately use again"

August 11, 2012

"the service was very efficient and the staff were very polite."

July 20, 2012

"the service was very efficient and the staff were very polite."

July 20, 2012

"Excellent service from drop off to pick-up"

July 16, 2012

"Simply read the e-mail I have had to send.

To whom it may concern,

Following a telephone conversation I have had with customer services today, I am writing to complain about damage to my car whilst left with Meteor at Birmingham airport.
My car registration is DAZ**** - BMW 316i Booking reference QC*******
I left my car with a representative of yours on 8th July having had it valeted inside and out. I was simply asked to sign a piece of paper and hand my key over and nothing else, which seemed very efficient and swift.
Upon collecting my car on July 15th your rep simply greeted me, handed me my key and said he was going to get a ticket for leaving the car park. I placed my bags into the boot and went to get into my car. When I opened the door I was surprised to see that there were lots of stones in the foot area both on the driver and passenger side! I would have understood if a few stones had been there as this is normal, but this amount seemed abnormal, as did there being stones on the passenger side as only one person was there to take my car. I have supplied pictures of this, I was very unhappy to be given my car with this mess. I also checked the mileage which had increased by 7.5 miles.
I decided to check the outside of my car as having so many stones inside seemed odd and worried me about where my car may have been. The drivers side looked fine, but on both doors on the passenger side there was damage. On the front door there was a very large chip, and on the back door there was a large chip/scratch which is as deep as the metal past the undercoat. I proceeded to the rear of my car and to my horror there was a crack and dent from some kind of impact in the bumper, and this damage was quite substantial! I have supplied pictures of all of this damage also.
When the driver returned with a ticket I asked him about this damage to my car and why the inside was full of stones, to which he replied that if I have a problem I should call customer services tomorrow as the office isn't open on a Sunday. I challenged him and asked him what he was going to do as I wasn't happy with this, and I wasn't happy as I had no documentation to mark any damage. I was then shown a piece of paper that I had signed on the 8th when dropping my car off, that had a circle both passenger side doors indicating damage! I relied to this saying how absurd this was and told him that I was really unhappy at which point he began walking away from me and told me to 'piss off'!!
Firstly I cannot believe that somebody can treat another person in this way, but more importantly I am disgraced at how something that has seemed very efficient and quick upon arrival, has turned into me signing a blank sheet meaning that any damage caused my your company can be marked and shrugged off as already being there. Your drivers negligence is evident in that he didn't even notice that he had damaged my bumper to any extent! I can not stress enough how angry and disappointed I am to have this happen to my car whist I have paid almost £70 for the privilege. I have even watched and read about what can happen to cars whilst on holiday with meet and greet services but disregarded this and I thought most of it was exaggerated but unfortunately I was very mistaken.
I look forward to hearing back with what action you will be taking, and assure you that the very least I expect is for this damage to be repaired promptly."

July 16, 2012

"Superb service, rang 5 minutes before arriving and was met in the car park straight away, handed the keys over and waved goodbye. On returning I rang as soon as I got off the plane (No luggage to collect) and the car was waiting for me, parking ticket paid and ready to drive away.

Couldn't reccommend this service highly enough"

July 12, 2012

"At such a low price for 'Meet and Greet', I expected possible reduced quality. What a surprise: no waiting to be met at all. Friendly, punctual and efficient staff. All round excellence. I shall definitely use again."

July 3, 2012

"all went to plan, very good and efficient. thanks"

July 1, 2012

"Excellent meet and greet service. Easy to book, good value and reliable. Would use again."

June 30, 2012

"Fantastic service! Very prompt and friendly, wouldn't hesitate to recommend. If we are lucky enough to go away any time soon, would definitely book again."

June 29, 2012

"Excellent Service. Would reccommend to all.
Drivers very courteous & quick at delivering car. Will use again when travelling from Birmingham"

June 26, 2012

"Very good - would use again"

June 24, 2012

"Easy to use. But, I really hate aspect of getting wet from rain walking from drop-off / pick-up area in middle of exposed car park to terminal. Also, why turn off the radio and the climate control, and adjust the seats so dramatically when you return the car?

If you could solve these issues, I would rate you higher."

June 15, 2012

"The service was excellent. A representative was ready when the call came and also present when we needed to deliver the car. Very polite as well. Upon return the service was just as good, car was there when we exited the airport and the representative very polite and courteous. All in all an excellent experience, would use again without question."

June 6, 2012

"We recently used the Meet and Greet parking at Birmingham Airport and cannot recommend them highly enough. We arrived at the car park and after a quick phone call the gentleman was there to take our car away to park it. On our return, our flight was 3 hours late we made a phone call after our suitcases arrived and when we got to the car park, a short walk, the car was there for us to collect. Will definitely use them again, thanks"

June 3, 2012

"Full Name John Luce
Email Address
First time using Aardvark Meet and Greet and I was impressed The car was picked up and dropped off with no waitin.g around. All in all an excellent service"

June 3, 2012

"Excellent service. Would definitely use them again"

May 20, 2012

"I travel on my own a lot so always book a Meet and Greet as I don't want to be waiting around for transfers.

I found this company great value for money and prompt and courteous too.

I would have no hesitation using/recommending them again"

May 1, 2012

"What a fantastically civilised service: having booked on line we wondered whether it could really be that simple: give a guy a call 10 minutes before you get to the airport, pull up 50m from the airport door, hand you keys to a guy with a clipboard and go! Couldn't be a simpler start to a holiday... and just as hassle free on return. Great! Thank-you."

April 28, 2012

"Very efficiant cannot fault the service"

April 18, 2012

"Excellent and courteous service, would definitely use again."

April 12, 2012

"I found the service faultless, the only problem i would never do non-recoverable, as in this instance the plane we was due to go out on was cancelled due to French air traffic control on strike, and we could not get any redress for the parking.
Chris Wright"

April 11, 2012

"Straightforward both depart and return"

March 18, 2012

"The car was met on time and waiting for me on return,
Next morning I noticed that there was a large spillage mark on the front seat which had dried with no evidence of an attempt to clean it. this makes me wonder what has happened to my car while I have been away."

January 28, 2012