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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Belfast International Long Stay Car Park

Deborah Mccullough

Can I just say thank you for helping us out the night our car wouldn't start and you really helped us by restarted it for us. We can't thank you enough, really nice man came really quick when I phone and asked for help. All the best from Deborah and Tod
January 3, 2019

W Mc Menamin

Fast and easy parking experience. The whole experience, from initial online reservation to the parking experience went without any problems. I will have no hesitation making similar reservations for my future travels.
June 19, 2018

Ron Chandler

The facility is no more than basic. It really needs a revolving bus for luggage deliveries to and from terminal and a ‘wait here area’ the distance to the peripheries is too far for many people. At least it is a tarmac ed area the last time I used this place it wasn’t.
June 17, 2018

Colette Mcguone

Excellent help on arrival with your staff ,but when exiting home at 1:30am in the morning barrier cameras did not recognised number plates are the bar code ,we called for assistance ,problem was soon sorted and everyone was able to start journey home.Over all service was good.
June 7, 2018

D Fry

Very handy to airport although quite a walk to and from car. Would use again.
June 4, 2018


On arrival at car park there were no trolleys for our luggage so had to haul our cases to the terminal building, ok if you are young and fit but not good for a couple of 70 year olds. The barrier on exit wouldn't raise to let us out, had to press help button and give our booking details.
June 1, 2018

Francis Metcalfe

My car registration was not recognised either on my entry to the car park and I had to phone the help who said that he had not been given my details. He did open the barrier. The same thing happened on my return 1 week later. Very poor service.
May 27, 2018

Robert Gordon

Barrier on entry and exit did not automatically lift as stated. To scan barcode on printed document was quite difficult as scanner is located inset on machine. No visible staff on hand to assist either arriving or leaving.
May 16, 2018

William Hawthorne

All very easy and quick to book,access simple well sign posted
May 8, 2018

Catherine Kay

Nice and easy to get in and out. No problem with number plate recognition . But to be honest I will book with bcp next time as there's usually 60% off offers and your parking was very expensive. I left it too late this timetable book with BCP . If you can do offers too, that would probably persuade me to use your service again . Thanks
May 8, 2018

Conor Mccafferty

Excellent service
April 30, 2018

C Gamet

The parking experience could not have been more straightforward.
April 13, 2018

Artur Antonczak

all good
April 4, 2018

Michelle Albone

easy and was comfortable to leave car for 4 days.
April 2, 2018

Terry Coates

I found the experience very worth while. Being able to park car so close to airport for a reasonable cost was very beneficial and painless.
March 31, 2018

George Mcallister

Never have any issues with this service and always find it extremely handy. Sometimes the number plate regocnition system doesn’t always clear your car to raise the exterior barrier which requires annoying a staff member on the intercom to give various details to enable you to leave. Maybe the parking but some motorists parking their vehicles in areas such as road junctions is totally wrong and only goes to annoy other users who try their best to park in a decent way within the correct parking spaces and your company could take a more robust manner to deal with these offenders and please don’t take ignore it! Thank you
March 25, 2018

james mckeever

very smooth. very straightforward .thank you
February 26, 2018

Rachel Harris

No problem with parking but I was very shocked at the price. In all my similar very short trips I’ve never had to pay so much. Will be looking at alternatives in the future. 79006
February 15, 2018

William Dornan

I always use the long stay car park as it is close to the airport and the prices are very competitive with other car parking facilities near by. Never had a problem or had to ask for any help so never had to speak with anyone as it is all done by Registration Recognition.
January 31, 2018

Francis Mcloughlin

Fast and easy access and was walking distance to terminal. All round excellent?
January 26, 2018