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Belfast International Long Stay Car Park reviews

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Here are some comments that our customers have made about Belfast International Long Stay Car Park

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"Very easy to use"

June 22, 2015

"So easy to book online and a good price too. Straight into the car park with registration recognition at 5am and straight out the car park yesterday evening 10 days later. We put the ticket in the machine and away we went great job"

June 16, 2015

"Everything went very smooth with just a short walk to the airport building"

June 15, 2015

"all very smooth as we had a very early morning flight so very convenient as well . also no problems on return journey I would use it again as long as offer is still on"

June 11, 2015

"Thank you was very lucky to get a spot at gate as my partner is slightly disabled & therefore did not have to wait on bus at 4oclock in the morning"

June 9, 2015


May 31, 2015

"Very good - no problems at all!"

March 6, 2015

"Everything worked very smoothly."

January 26, 2015

"So easy to book and amend booking. Walking distance to airport and just a very smooth experience"

January 15, 2015

"We had no problem on our outward journey, parked and called for transport to airport entrance, however on our return we were surprised as we made our way outside to return to pick up our car that we saw a sign saying car park long stay, we went a little further and saw another which said long stay car park.
We decided like others to walk on towards the car park, and indeed saw others walking towards the airport pulling like us their trollers no sign of any bus.
Now if it had been raining or snowing at this time there was no shelter what so ever.
We were surprised there was no shelter close to the exit of airport building indicating that this would be the pick up point to take us to our car. Rather disappointed at this."

December 30, 2014

"Easy to book and a big saving compared to booking at travel agents"

December 21, 2014

"Easy and very good value."

November 25, 2014

"Easy to use site.
good parking within walking distance from airport... easy access and departures..."

October 13, 2014

"Excellent value"

October 1, 2014

"Easy to book and easy to use - no waiting for pick ups."

September 6, 2014

"Extremely easy. I don't understand why more don't use pre-booking."

August 27, 2014

"Very convenient."

August 4, 2014

"It was so so convenient parking within the airport complex. I suffer mobility problems and have always found it difficult getting in and out of minibuses which are used at other parking facilities outside the airport. We were very lucky and found a space just inside the long stay car park. I would definitely park there again and would be grateful if you would send me details of any offers, discounts that will be available in the future. I would give my overall experience a ten out of ten for convenience and affordability."

July 14, 2014

"Parking was easy, fast and convienient. Will use this service again."

September 1, 2009

"we arrived to park on the 18/5/08 to find that the (paper work had not been sent down).words from someone from the intercom.
we were booked in for 07.00 and arrived at 6.50
so that maybe why no paper work .We had to take a ticket then park .
upon return all we did was put ticket in machine at barrier no problems.

over all a great parking service the bus picked us up
and on return the bus was there to drop us at the car .WE WILL USE AGAIN.."

May 20, 2008

"good service the only problem I have encountered when I have used this service twice, is the ticket on arrival and departure you do not get issued with one automatically you have to call for assistance at all time, which can be time consuming and cause a long queue very quickly.Which causes problems for the line behind you waiting.
Otherwise good service and price compared to other airports.
Deirdre Kelly"

March 21, 2008

"Fantastic service..arrived at long stay, took ticket, bar lifted - absolutely no problems upon return either and saved a few quid too!
Will definitely use this service again."

March 18, 2008

"good experience"

February 29, 2008

"Hi Brendan,

We were delighted with the ease with which we were able to book our online parking with you.

There was a slight hitch when we were trying to leave the car park as the machine did not recognise our ref. no. We had a chat with the 'help' station and they sorted us after a few minutes. It might be an idea to look into this.

We will be happy to use your services the next time we travel from Belfast International."

February 21, 2008

"I found this service very useful. I had no problems what so ever and would recommend it to friends."

February 20, 2008

"This was a great choice for me, it was so close to the terminal building and I would definately use this facility again in the future."

February 17, 2008

"The long term car park facility at Belfast International is not too far from the terminal buildinga nd is well served by a courtesy bus. Booking in advance was both easy and reliable, no delay at the entrance and no worries about how much it would cost.
An excellent service

Harold Sharp"

February 11, 2008

"I had a very good experience at the airport Long Stay Car Park. Thanks to the bus driver who was very helpful when I returned, getting me to the exact place where my car was parked. He was most helpful."

January 29, 2008

"Pricey enough but by far the most convenient option when travelling with a baby."

January 27, 2008


January 26, 2008