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Excellent service many thanks
Posted by Enrico De Waure, 7th January 2008 at 06:14pm

Hi Brendan,

I sent an email from my home address ( on the evening of 27 December cancelling my booking, due to circumstances beyond my control, and saying I would appreciate a refund. Is there any news on this?


Liz Feltoe
Posted by Mrs D E Feltoe, 7th January 2008 at 01:11pm

Posted by SEAN BARR, 7th January 2008 at 09:36am

I have used Silverzone on many occaisions and have always found them to be very good, but this time, myself and my sister both parked our cars there at the same time, and when we collecetd them the driver's side foot wells were covered in mud, for both vehicles. Obviously the person that had reparked the cars had very muddy boots.
Posted by Robert Ostler, 6th January 2008 at 07:36pm

Downloadable instructions for finding the Silver Zone car park at the Bristol Airport were not too good. No mention of the signage, so had to 'phone to ask directions.
No problem in finding the site with the correct info. Easy to negotiate entry. Not cleaer that one had select one's own parking space. Asked another driver.
Good sign-in facilities. Transport to the terminal good.
On return, no problem signing-out.
Wasn't sure on how to exit the car park. Directional signs need improving!!
Overfall, a good experince and not too pricey for the 16 day stay!
Posted by Eric Fairman, 6th January 2008 at 07:13pm

Having parked at the Silverzone car park at Bristol Airport previsously I had no hesitation resturning for a trip over the New Year. The reservation was made at the last minute and the transaction was very quick and the reservation made in no time at all even at the busy New Year period.

The car parking experience at Bristol Silverzone was very smooth and within ten mintues of parking and hopping on the transfer bus we were at the airport terminal. The bus was also prompt on our return and soon the car was loaded up and we were on our way home.

Overall excellent service at a very secure site which I would highly recommend.
Posted by Mr R Gregory, 4th January 2008 at 03:53pm

the staff are really helpful,i left something in my car and there was no problem with getting it in fact they were very helpful and fast.
Posted by Diana Nodwell, 1st January 2008 at 07:47pm

Superb from start to finish. Highly Recommended. Do not hesitate to book.
Posted by Mrs. Lynne Charlton, 30th December 2007 at 07:09pm

Easy to find, close to the airport, pleasant helpful staff and regular reliable pick-up and drop offs. We will definately use again.
Posted by Georgina Bryan, 30th December 2007 at 05:21pm

An efficient, friendly service. Only issue was parked in overflow carpark and it was a long walk in torrential rain,albeit only 5 minutes!
Posted by Stewart Howe, 29th December 2007 at 03:17pm

I was seemingly invisible in the office but otherwise the service was excellent
Posted by David Emery, 28th December 2007 at 04:41pm

Excellent service, friendly efficient staff.
Posted by Mary Butler, 27th December 2007 at 08:53pm

Excellent service.
Posted by Mrs Lindy Blaney, 19th December 2007 at 03:00pm

great car park and service. However the map shows the car park on the north side of the airfield and the signs take you to the south. a bit confusing early in the morning and when booking, as you think you are getting a car park near the terminal.Is this a trade description problem??
Posted by Karl Fairbrother, 17th December 2007 at 06:11pm

Good service all round helps make journey easier
Posted by Michael King, 17th December 2007 at 11:12am

We parked our car, and it was there when we returned. The bus didn't take long to leave when we arrived (for which we were grateful, as we were late!), and we only waited 5 minutes or so before it arrived upon our return. All good.
Posted by Julia Clark, 15th December 2007 at 08:06pm

Great service, close to terminal, easy to find. Would use it again. Thank you.
Posted by Tomasz, 15th December 2007 at 11:23am

Bristol Silverzone is ideal for airport parking. It's conveniently situated with a very frequent transfer coach to and from the airport. The site is extremely secure and the reception staff are friendly and responsive. I've used it twice now and would recommend it to anyone
Posted by Joan Chew, 14th December 2007 at 02:15pm

Good overall - no waiting at either end but the bus driver was in a big hurry both times (think it was the same one) and my husband had hardly got the last item on the bus before he drove of and the suitcases were going all over the place. On the way back he nearly went off without my husband - we didn't have lots of luggage but did have two car seats trying to get on!!
But there was no real problems waiting at either end and quick and easy to park and pick up car.
Posted by Faye Tonepohl, 13th December 2007 at 09:53pm

The service was good - arriving and departing. The instructions of how to get to the airport are excellent. Our car was safe and secure while we were away. We shall use this service again. Thank you.
Posted by R F Billen, 13th December 2007 at 11:11am

Silver Zone service performed just as advertised, but I would warn potential users that there may be a long wait (up to 20 minutes) for the bus between the car park and the terminal. I would also warn users that there may be a long (5 - 10 minute) walk between your car and the Silver Zone office - no fun on a rainy day with heavy cases, although there are a few spaces for blue (disabled) badge holders close to the office. I would prefer a service with a smaller holding area close to the office and a more frequent bus service.
Posted by Julian Roques, 12th December 2007 at 08:13pm

on arriving at silverzone was told having problems gave us a voucher to use long stay opposite airport ,as long as can get cheap ryanair flights will certainly use you again
Posted by John Jones, 11th December 2007 at 12:28pm

I haven't got time to fill out the form sorry but I just wanted to let you know that we were really pleased with the service you provided and will definitely use it again. The shuttle service was excellent as it was there to take us to and from the airport as soon as we arrived - even when our flight had been delayed.
Posted by Finola S., 11th December 2007 at 11:28am

Signage at check-in for free spaces was not the greatest adding a few minutes but apart from this it was a smooth process. On the return the bus was waiting at the stand and pulled away after only a minute or two. Check-out staff were efficient and sufficient in numbers. Car was in the same space as it was left in and did not appear to have been moved. The next car on the drivers side was parked a bit too close making it awkward to get in and a Merc A-class across was really badly parked, but on balance these were minor shortcomings. Overall a good and positive experience. Last star would come with better on-site signage and somewhat wider spaces for larger cars.
Posted by Björn Almgren, 10th December 2007 at 11:33pm

Overall my experience with SilverZone Parking was a very pleasant one.
Buses were frequent and suitable to customer requirement, staff were friendly and car parking facilities adequate.
Posted by R Carey, 10th December 2007 at 07:03pm

Overall my experience with SilverZone Parking was a very pleasant one.
Buses were frequent and suitable to customer requirement, staff were friendly and car parking facilities adequate.
Posted by R Carey, 10th December 2007 at 06:15pm

THE ARRIVAL + check in + departure were all done without a hitch.The staff were all very pleasant & could not be faulted once again many thanks for a prompt and very re-assuring service
Posted by Mr Roger Charles Carthew, 10th December 2007 at 03:01pm

it was very good. the bus was service to and from the airport was fast and efficient. the only thing was the car park didnt have many advaiable spaces so had to park a long way from the main entrance.
i have parked in simular car parks at gatwick and they park you car for you after you have left for the termnal.
Posted by Polly Eves, 10th December 2007 at 02:47pm

On arrival at approx 5am we drove to the Silverzone carpark, only to be re-directed back to long-term car park within the airport. This worked out better for us in the end as it was closer to the terminal, however at the time it caused a bit of stress as we were running short of time.
Staff were helpful.
Posted by Carolyn Elson, 10th December 2007 at 11:50am

We found the Silver Zone car park very quick & easy to use - hadn't flown from Bristol before so wasn't sure what to expect, but found this system worked well & was reasonably priced.
Posted by Rachel Stevenson, 7th December 2007 at 07:16pm
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